Monday, January 23, 2012

Gardening is a family tradition

Grandmere Louisa was an avid rose gardener. When my grandpere moved her and the family to town, she brought some of her roses with her. My uncle sold me the house that she lived in when he moved to the nursing home. Her yellow roses were still there. We did our best to move those precious roses to my new home when we sold the house. Not one survived, even with all our tender loving care. I can still smell those roses, beautiful fragrant yellow roses on long stems. Before we moved them, I picked the seeds and they are carefully hidden in a box somewhere that I have yet to unpack. I will be trying to start new seedlings, if not, I will be haunting heritage rose sites trying to find a similar rose. She is no longer here, so I can't ask her the secrets to her success of moving those roses from the farm to town. Actually, I never met her, she passed on shortly after my parents were married, way before I was even thought of.  I have researched how they use to farm and grow plants and control pests before pesticides became such an integral way in which we grow food now. I have been researching and learning and test driving organic gardening for 25 years. I have so much more to learn and every growing season I come across a new way of growing beautiful, healthy, successful vegetables and fruit. Every season, brings a new adventure as I try new plants and fruit. This year is no exception, I'm already poring over seed catalogs and heritage seeds sites on the internet. For those of you, who have a love affair with roses and happen to come across beautiful old roses in abandoned farm yards, you should check out this wonderful website on saving those precious flowers: as they have an abundance of wonderful information that is very well done. Take time to smell the roses!


  1. I love roses but I have never been successful at growing them. Thanks for the link to Texas Rose Rustlers.

  2. congrats on the new blog...I;m not a gardener but love flowers and look forward to seeing what you do. Great post today

  3. Thanks you guys! I'm really enjoying getting back into writing about gardening. Hopefully, some of what I'm writing about will encourage you to get into gardening!