Monday, January 30, 2012

Reason to Garden: The dirty dozen

I have a girlfriend that always tells me that gardening is too much work and you can buy produce at the grocery store. She is right, you can, but what is on that produce? I came across this website that explained "the dirty dozen" as in fruits and veggies that are the most contaminated by pesticides.  It was a real eye opener what I'd been feeding my kids during the winter thinking that I was feeding them well by providing lots of fruit and veggies. It gives me an even bigger incentive to garden and provide healthy food for my family. When I was raising my kids, buying organic during the winter months was unheard of. Today, I went to the grocery store in the city and was able to find a very good selection of organic fruits and vegetables. Mind you, they are a bit pricier but they are chemical free. Locally, there are very few organic veggies and fruit in the stores.  I live right smack in the middle of the grain belt where a large portion of farmers use chemicals on their weeds and insects. We don't live right beside where they spray as our acreage is 8 acres but that darn stuff is in the air. Just a sniff of it makes me wheeze and so the windows stay closed during spray season which happens several times during the growing season depending on the crops being grown and the pests showing up for dinner.Farmers are slowly changing their ways, one by one we hear that one more farmer has decided to go organic, but it's a really slow process. At least when I'm growing my organic produce all summer, I know my produce is chemical free and has lots of nutrients. It kind of makes you wonder, if all our farmers were organic, how quickly would our cancer rates go down? Food for thought.

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