Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Best kept secret on Youtube!

I love surfing the web for information when I'm not sure what I'm doing in whatever I'm attempting...make sense? :-) Last fall I came across a Youtube video on gardening, only, I'd been looking for something completely different. I wanted to make my own yarn just like Jeannie on the knifty knitter board on the website. What I came across was a visual gem on gardening in raised beds. Totally cool. This lady had incorporated chickens in her back yard set up and grew this incredible assortment of fruits and vegetables, all organically. She lives in the city and she's created this oasis in her back yard. Not a stick of lawn to be found, but her stuff is incredible! Living in the Great White North, I know I could never incorporate chickens in my gardening plan because the poor things would freeze to death in -40 temperatures. But she definitely has some wonderful ideas. That's the whole adventure in gardening, incorporating and changing great ideas to fit your garden in your area with your length of growing season. For me, now is the time to build the box for the raised bed that is in one of her videos. I'm definitely going to test drive this it in my garden as little or no weeds grow if done right. I hate weeding but I love fresh fruit and veggies from my garden! I love to share with others when I have too much, especially the elderly in low rental senior complexes ... they really appreciate it! If you go to and search "Garden Girl" (her name is Patti Moreno) several of her videos will pop up. There isn't a lot of detail in what she's growing or doing, but enough to get you started. You can see her set up and she has really good ideas! I just love her little moveable chicken houses, totally impractical for me but wonderful for her. I'm not sure where she comes from, I'm guessing somewhere in the South, but I am going back to learn more about her gardening techniques. A lot of the gardening how to's I already know, but she has such a totally different perspective that it's really quite interesting! Enjoy!

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