Sunday, February 19, 2012

Cala lilies

I saw these beautiful lilies at Wally World and decided that I had to try them! I had bought some fruit trees and kept the large plastic pots, as I always do. I followed the instructions of the package and to my surprise the darn things started to grow! I thoroughly enjoyed these and will definately grow them again! Unfortunately, I did not get them into the garage on time before it got really cold. So I will be buying new tubers in the spring. Just a bit of information, these really aren't lilies. I planted them in this 5 gallon pot and watered them weekly. They were very happy on my deck on the north side of the house in the shade. I doubt very much that these will overwinter, I'll know more this spring when I check. Aparently, calas make wonderful house plants. In my travels on the web, one lady said she had watered her lilies in March with a can of Pepsi and got tons of blooms because of the phosphorus in the pop. Not too sure about that! Anyways, this was last year's successful experiment!

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