Friday, February 3, 2012

Growing carrots, the easy way!

A lot of people have no luck growing  carrots because the seed is so small. My soil is heavy clay and even though if I cover the seeds with a light layer of soil, if a crust forms on the top of the ground, I'm hooped because my carrots will not come through! You can do one of two things: either water the row of carrots everyday to keep the soil moist so the little seeds can come through or you can head to the hardware store and pick up some play sand! Once your garden has been worked up as in the previous post, then,  a shallow trench can be dug. Water the trench. Lightly sprinkle the carrot seeds over the area. Make sure the seeds are not too close as then they will have to be thinned later to give them room to grow. Cover with play sand. I usually take a handful at a time and carefully cover the seeds. Then forget about them until the seeds come up. It usually takes about ten days. If your daytime temperature is very warm and you're afraid of the soil drying out, then I would lightly water them with a hand sprinkler. Be careful not to wash away the seeds! Carrots pretty much grow on their own and just need to be watered once a week and kept weeded. There's nothing like the taste of a home grown carrot! They also keep very well in a cool dry place over the winter.

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