Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Growing Squash

I can grow just about any squash I want in my garden except butternut. I usually start them from seed, once the ground is warm and all danger of frost has past. I always grow a giant pumpkin and the white pumpkins too because they look so cool. Spaghetti squash grows like crazy as does zucchini. I have tried buying the young plants from the greenhouse and transplanting but it seems to stunt the growth...especially zucchini. I always seed 6 to 8 seeds per mound because I've had my entire crop wiped out by wire worms. The disgusting little worms eat the insides of the seeds before they start to grow. I don't like more chemical in my garden than I have to, so I never buy the treated seed. I usually cover the seeds with about an inch and a half of soil and water them well to get them going. The squash plants like being weed free. I sometimes dig a dike around the plants about a foot away all the way around to water them. They get a good soaking this way and it saves water. Squash take up a lot of room so they are often grown beside the corn on the outside of the garden. Squash keep really well and is a wonderful winter vegetable. They store well in a cool dark place.

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