Sunday, February 12, 2012

Keeping the bugs down

I love summer but I hate the bugs, especially the mosquitoes. There are non chemical ways of bringing down the bug population. First of all, keeping water puddles down to a minimum and putting covers or netting on open pails of water so that mosquitoes cannot lay their eggs and reproduce greatly helps. We have an electric bug zapper that goes on every night at dusk, it usually fills up by the time we turn it off at bedtime. This summer, we are getting a second one, as we had tons of bugs last summer and the zapper takes care of hundreds of bugs every night.  Attracting birds to your yard, helps to keep the populations down. Before a storm, when you see the birds flying low, they are having a feeding frenzy. Birds eat tons of bugs. Putting out bird houses attracts the birds to move into your yard. Making sure they have food and water also helps. Bats eat just as many bugs at night as birds do during the day. As much as it makes people cringe, there are bat houses you can buy or make to attract them. One night we were sitting in a screened tent enjoying the evening without all the mosquitoes and we saw something swoop down and into our old garage. Turned out that it was several bats coming out to eat. Never knew we even had bats until that night. Bats do live among us, we just don't see them. I'd rather have them living in a bat house than living in my garage. I love painting and whenever I see bird houses that are unfinished, I buy some and paint them up and put them out around our property. Make sure the houses you buy can be opened to be cleaned. You don't have to paint them, they just last longer if you do. I use Patio Paint that comes in small bottles and is made especially to go outside. I also use Patio Paint to paint my rocks and redo lawn ornaments when I find them at garage sales to put out in my garden. I try to stay away from chemical anything because if it's killing the bugs, then I'm breathing it in too.

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