Sunday, February 26, 2012

More benefits of mulching

When we first moved, to our current home, I bought a bunch of mugo pine seedlings to plant around my yard. I lost about 75% of them and was so disappointed in my plantings. Then I bought replacements at the greenhouse that were much bigger and transplanted those. Lost most of those too. Finally, I got smart and I decided to mulch the the new trees. First I laid thick layers of newspapers around all of my trees. I covered the newspaper with landscape fabric and then I covered the fabric with about 2 1/2 inches of bark mulch. The newspaper decomposes but effectively blocks out most of the weeds. Those new mugo pines blossomed. They doubled in size in a couple of years and are low maintenance weed and water wise. In dry spells I still water my trees but not nearly as much as I would have. I've also used rock instead of bark mulch around my fruit trees, both mulches make a huge difference. As for fertilizing my little trees, I buy organic fertilizer for the specific tree. ie fruit trees get organic fertilizer specific for fruit trees. I just love not weeding!

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