Thursday, February 9, 2012

My protective cage for my strawberries

I know it's winter, but this is my strawberry cage. It comes from my mom's and as she is planning on selling her house because she can't take care of it anymore, there are garden things that have moved to my house. This is one of them. It needs some work as it's not new. If you look closely, the sides are all covered in chicken wire. It needs some reinforcing in the middle, as those broke when this was moved. It also needs a new chicken wire covering to keep my Lassie out along with the birds who love my strawberries. We will also be painting it with stain to help preserve the wood, as you can see, it needs it. (If you look closely, one of my hay burners is in the back 40, lounging in the sunshine.) This strawberry bed is three years old and in a permanent spot. Before I had even planted any plants, the ground had been well prepared. Lots of pine needles and mulch and manure. This year, I'll be adding more mulch and some well rotted manure. Some of the original plants no longer produce strawberries but produce lots of runners to start new plants. Those will have to be pulled out and discarded to make room for all the new little producing strawberry plants. The prairie winds blew and carried some of the neighbors weeds into my yard and they got caught in the wire. Can't wait to start cleaning the garden up! :-)

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