Wednesday, February 8, 2012

One of my most favorite flowers, Prairie Lilies

Lilies grow well in my clay soil. I know that the gardening books say that they grow better in sandy soils with added compost or manure. I always add peat moss and manure to the soil when I'm planting just about any plant and my lilies are no different. I have planted them on the south, north and west sides of the house and they have done well there. The blooms have gorgeous colors and they  last quite long. Lilies are available in a huge variety of colors. In the spring time when all the packaged bulbs come out in the stores, I'm always looking for a new variety for my yard. Lilies need to be replanted about every three years, sometimes four. You can either add to your flower beds or share with your neighbor! When planting my bulbs, I prefer to plant them about four inches deep in well drained soil. Lilies don't like wet feet and seem to do better mulched. I fertilize all my plants with the appropriate organic fertilizer every spring.  When it's dry in our area, as it often happens, I usually water my lilies about once a week.

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