Monday, February 13, 2012

Painting bird houses

Painting bird houses is a fun way to spend an afternoon. You'll need paint that is labelled as an outdoor paint. Why do you want that? Because, otherwise it won't stand up to the elements and it will fade. You'll also need a varnish for use outdoors. I like the Patio Paint brand, they have nice colors and I've had some really good results with them.  You'll also need some descent paint brushes, the cheapies fall apart and they leave brush hairs behind in the paint. A variety pack of brushes runs about $15. If taken care of properly, they last forever!  There are a few areas where you will not be painting, the perch stick and the entry hole (if painted the birds can't get a grip). The inside of the bird house because birds won't go inside and build a nest if it's painted. You'll need three coats of the Patio Paint, let dry between coats. Next you have the option to decorate the bird house any way you want. I get my ideas from painting magazines that I've bought at the grocery store. Once painted, two coats of Patio Paint varnish will protect the bird house from the elements. Let dry between coats. Give the bird house a couple of days of drying time in the house and then you're ready to put it up!

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