Thursday, February 2, 2012

Preparing your soil for planting your garden

When it's dry enough, we start preparing our garden in early spring for planting. We rototill the soil twice and we leave it for a week. This lets the weeds grow. The garden is rototilled once again to kill the weeds growing and then the ground is nice and soft and planting can begin. In my area of the Province, the soil is heavy clay so in order to improve the soil, we add well rotted manure, compost and peat moss in the fall. If I mulch my garden with slough hay or pea straw or leaf mold, during the growing season, all that matter is worked into the ground in the fall. Half my garden gets well rotted manure, a heavy application, every second year. The reason we do this is that my potatoes tend to grow scab on the skins if they are planted the following spring on the side where the manure has been rotting all winter. So potatoes are planted in the garden where there was no manure applied the previous fall. It's a shame that so many people bag their leaves and send them to the landfill in the fall. Every chance I get, I scarf as many bags of leaves and bring them home to put into my composter. I'll discuss composting a bit later. Being rototilled twice, the earth is nice and soft and it's easy to dig holes or rows for planting. Ahhhhh, there's nothing like the smell of freshly tilled soil!


  1. My grandpa was a fabulous gardener. He made it look so easy that I never knew how hard it was or that I should have been paying attention. Everything he touched was abundant, beautiful, perfect. He had gardens in the back of his yard, that back of our yard (that was a huge one) and he gardened with a friend behind that guy's property. He used hand-tools only-- except for the piece he gardened with his friend who had power tools. He had hands that looked and felt like he as wearing leather gloves. hahaha

    Well, I just wanted to come by and visit your new blog. I am a follower and look forward to more!

  2. Hey Nadia!

    Thanks for stopping by. Just figured out that I can comment to a comment! Love your story about your grandpa! I've got lots more to come so stay tuned! I love gardening!