Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Garagesaling already!

I love garage sales and I love looking for bargains! The blankets on the left are my latest bargains. Got them at a garage sale for the local sheltered workshop. Last year when we had frost early, I did not have enough blankets to cover my plants. I have since remedied this! I hurried up and washed the seven blankets I bought and put them out on the line. I haven't seen any ticks yet so I was safe putting laundry out. Until 5 years ago, I had never seen a tick. The ones we have in our area are called Deer Ticks and apparently do not carry the dreaded Lyme's disease. Having said that, they certainly can cause problems of infection all on their own since they are still a skin boring insect. I have read that if you spread the old style powdered laundry detergent all over your yard that they will disappear. I'm really not sure how that works or the why but apparently it does. I have 9 acres. Yeah that ain't going to happen. My dogs are pestered with them and I hate giving them the pill that interrupts the tick's reproductive cycle....so instead, they are going to get powdered with diatamceous earth, that's suppose to work too. I'm not sure why this insect has moved into our area but it has. So when they show up in early Spring we are back to doing body checks...last year they disappeared around the beginning of July. First mosquitoes and now ticks, blech I hate some bugs! Should get some chickens they eat every bug in sight!

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