Sunday, March 25, 2012

Got my new toy!

Oh yes, gardeners have toys! :-) This is a picture of my new one, the Dustin-Mizer. Had a heck of a time finding a place to buy it in Canada, but Veseys,  online catalogue has one.  Here is the link:  So what does this little baby do? It spreads a thin coat of diatomaceous earth over plants so that when bugs walk on the plants and ingest it, the diatomaceous earth particles cut the insides of the bug and they die. Diatomaceous Earth is fossilized remains of a type of hard shelled algae. It's ground up into powder and is sold to organic gardeners. I go through several gallons of this stuff in a growing season because of those pesky canola beetles that move into my garden after the canola or mustard crops have been cut. It kind of comes out heavy and I was looking for an applicator to do the job but not use as much of the stuff as it has to be reapplied after a rain. Currently, I can only get the tops of the leaves, but I should be able to get underneath the leaves too! Can't wait to take this baby out for a spin! Diatomaceous earth is wonderful for ant control...just put some out by their ant hill entrance and cover with a board and the ants will take it into their homes and ingest it. Takes care of ants really really well. I often wonder what my grandmothers used in their gardens. There was no pesticides of any kind when they were farming and they all grew large gardens to feed large families. My great grandmother had 22 kids. In those days, there were no refrigerators and so they canned all the veggies. They would have a kind of cold cellar which was a hole dug in the ground lined with chunks of ice that they cut from frozen rivers in the winter time and insulated with straw so that the ice would not melt very fast. I think they built a small hut on top with a door so they could go in an out. From what I understand, it resembled a root cellar. That's where they kept their milk and butter and some of their meat for a short period of time. My mom tells me that they had "beef rings", each farmer would take their turn to butcher a cow and divide it with their neighbors because there was no place to store it. My grandmothers canned beef and chicken as a form of storage when they had too much meat. So there is your history lesson for the day!

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