Sunday, March 4, 2012

Grows like a Weed but actually an Herb

There are two herbs that I use a lot of in my cooking that grow really well in my garden, they are dill and cilantro. I never ever seed these as it always happens that I always run out of time and never get to harvest all of  these two herbs. They are prolific and grow like weeds! I let them grow wild in the garden and if they get too unruly, the rototiller takes care of them easily. But I kinda hate to do that so I share as much as I can...why let it go to waste. I like to pick some of the dill while it's still young and not woody. This picking gets washed and dried in my veggie/fruit drier. I've also heard that dill can be frozen just as is, I'd like to try that. The cilantro can be also washed and dried in the drier in the same manner. One of my girlfriends use to dry all her herbs in bunches hung upside down in an old cleaned out wooden grain bin hanging in pillow cases to keep the herbs clean once they've been washed. Herbs are really expensive to buy and these two in particular, grow like weeds! Put a few seeds in the garden let them grow out and go to seed! Ripe seed heads can be used in dill pickles and the others allowed to fall to be reseeded in the garden. The cilantro, I like to keep and harvest as a young grows thick like a carpet, so grabbing a handful and cutting with a scissor works really well.


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