Thursday, March 15, 2012

Out checking my fruit trees

It's just a beautiful day, took the dog out for a walk and then I went and checked all my fruit trees. They all survived the winter! I have replaced several of them since moving to the acreage and finally a winter where I did not lose any! Yeah!  It's going to be an early Spring I think as already it's almost t-shirt weather. Farmers are already cleaning grain, getting ready to sow spring crops. Usually by April 15th, seeding is in full swing if it's an early spring. I also noted no rabbit damage to my trees. I haven't had time to put collars on all of my fruit tree trunks as rabbits will eat the bark right around the tree thus killing it. The bark to a tree is like the veins to a human.  It just felt good to walk around the yard with the wind blowing through my hair and smelling Spring! Might be planting potatoes in April this year! Mmmmm can taste them already!

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