Friday, March 30, 2012

Time to start your seedlings!

This year, I tried new pots that are biodegradable that aren't peat pots. The pots were filled with a prepared organic mixture made just for starting seeds. I think it cost around $5 a bag. I preplanted all my little seeds in the pots weeks ago because I had such cabin fever and needed to plant stuff! Yesterday, I watered all my little pots to get the seed starting medium really wet. Now, I'll be checking every day to make sure that the pots are damp to the touch so that the seeds can sprout and start growing. These new seed pots really surprised me, they don't hold water very well. I had been using peat pots for years but found that they did not disintegrate as well as I would have liked them to. They tended to keep the root ball together and didn't really allow the roots out of the peat pot. So, not keeping water in the pot could be a good thing.....  Maybe these pots will allow the roots through so that my plants are free to grow as they should. In a few weeks, I will mix up a batch of the seaweed organic fertilizer that I bought at the hardware store to provide much needed nutrients to my young plants. Under my new pots I placed boot trays for the excess water...sure glad I did that!

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