Sunday, March 11, 2012

Weather Signs and Gardening

One of the things I grew up with, being the daughter of a Saskatchewan farmer, was how to watch the weather signs. A pink sunset always foretold a windy day the following day. A hot pink sunrise foretold rain or snow, not necessarily in your area. Sundogs on either side of the sun, look like mini suns and my dad always said a sundog on the north side was colder weather and on the south was moisture. Not far from us, there is a deep river bed that the locals call Horseshoe Canyon. On an average day, you cannot see that river bed unless you come right up to it. But when a cold front and a warm front meet in our area, the canyon is clearly visible through a weather phenomenon called a Mirage. So when the Mirage appears, we know that there is a change of weather upon us. Northern Lights are not very common where I live, but occasionally we do see them in the fall. More often than not, they are white in color and appear after dark. I have seen them in green, blues and once in red. I was listening to the radio and an old timer said that if the Northern Lights were short, winter would be upon us shortly; if the Northern Lights stretched across the sky like long fingers, we'd have a nice long fall. Out of all the Weather Lore I've learned, the Northern Lights one has been bang on.  A ring around the moon, like a ring around the sun, foretells of bad weather. More often than not...the bad weather arrives about 4 days later in either case. The brighter the ring, the worse the storm. I've also read that the number of stars inside the ring tells how many days before the storm. For me, it's usually four days. Other things like thick tomato skins or onion skins foretell a hard and cold winter. If the muskrat huts are built high, it's because we are going to get a lot of snow. Are all these weather signs correct? A lot of the time they are...but there is only One who knows for sure and He arranges the weather as He pleases.

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