Thursday, April 19, 2012

Didn't quite make it

Sometimes, Mother Nature, loses her mind. Last year, in our area was one such season. Mother Nature sent us lots of snow and when it melted, we flooded. Just north of our place, the river backed up and the water headed our way. We were flooded on the north corner of our acreage. We had some scotch pines that were almost ten feet tall and they were waterlogged. Then the Spring winds came, as they always do in Saskatchewan and blew the trees over. Some of our trees were uprooted. Some died because the roots were exposed. Others just had a permanent lean to them. Not much a person can do but start again and replace the ones that didn't make it.
This tree in particular was around 8 feet tall. It's really disheartening to lose one this large. It was fine last fall, just didn't make it through the winter. Sometimes plants and trees don't survive even with good gardening and good intentions. We had record winds last Spring and mix that with a saturated garden, well it caused all kinds of problems. Because we have clay soil, it got hard. Too much water, then it rained very little and it looked like the tap had just been shut off.
This is the same tree and if you look closely, you can see a hole around the roots. No wonder the tree didn't survive. Roots that are exposed to air die. How did we miss this? We have over 300 trees on our acreage.  I also lost two Apricot trees to too much water. They were growing great and then they just simply died. So I have more ordered to plant again this Spring. Third time's the charm!

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