Friday, April 6, 2012

Dual purpose flower beds

This idea seems to be catching on more and more. Flower beds with a dual purpose. Landscaping with a purpose. I love perennials and I love how they grow without tending to them much. It takes time for small plants to grow into big plants, in the meantime, how do you fill the remainder of the bed? Some plant root veggies like carrots and beets. I've also seen potato plants nestled in between new mugo pines and poppies. At first when you think about it, it kind of goes against the grain. But if you really think about it, why would you not put veggies in and pick wonderful veggies and provide greenery for background for your beautiful flowers? It just makes sense. I love seeing the faces of people who drop by to visit and realize what's in the flower bed. It's a great conversation piece and is almost always followed by the comment, "What a great idea!". You can have beauty with the yummy quotient. Just remember to use organic fertilizer, my fav is still manure tea. In my front flower beds, I grow grapes. The vine runs along the flower bed and the foliage is gorgeous. The blue grapes are nestled underneath and people have no idea what "that plant" is until the foliage is pulled back to reveal beautiful clusters of grapes. They make the best grape jelly ever!

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