Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Dusty old farmer

There's nothing like riding a tractor, no matter what size, especially for guys that use to be farmers. This is my husband tilling the garden second time around to kill the tons of weeds coming up. Tilling kills them because it exposes the roots to oxygen and the roots don't survive. Tilling also kills cut worms as it kills the vegetation that they live on. In other words, the cut worms starve. I've read that if one weed plant goes up into seed, that you them have seven years of seed in your garden. Weed seeds can also lay dormant for up to 20 years! No wonder I can't get rid of the weed seeds.
Spring weeds coming up in large numbers, even though we tilled them all up two weeks ago. Oye! have I got weeds! Fully grown weeds that have gone into seed should never be thrown into the composter or compost pile. I prefer to dry them out and burn them or put them into a garbage bag and let them rot for the summer to rot the seeds. We had sun dogs yesterday and mare's tails clouds and sure enough, the weather man is predicting rain and snow for Thursday and Friday. So glad the potatoes are in!

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