Monday, April 9, 2012

Gearing up to seed some "cheat" potatoes

Last year was a really late Spring and miserable Summer. It was dry and the garden grew but not like when it had rain water. Early Springs allow me to seed veggies early, like potatoes. By the end of this week, weather permitting, I will be seeding a couple of rows of potatoes just because. Getting a couple of weeks on the potatoes means having fresh potatoes for barbeque season! I do have some small potatoes left over from last fall that have no scab on them and that have a lot of eyes, that are germinating. I don't like buying potatoes in the the grocery store as they are sprayed with chemical, unless they are organic. Potatoes are on the list of vegetables that are to be avoided because they are sprayed. I'm trying to live a chemical free life as much as possible. My potatoes are usually seeded whole with the eyes/germs intact. I find I have better yields this way. There are some gardeners that prefer cutting the potatoes to seed them. Each to his/her own. It is important to remember that potatoes get scab because they have been seeded where organic material such a manure has not fully decomposed, at least that has been my experience. So if you are creating soil, as in the lasagna garden way, adding manure may not be the best thing for potatoes. I like to add manure in the fall and give it plenty of time to decompose into the soil before planting. Sometimes, it's a whole year before I plant potatoes where manure has been added. So I usually add manure on only half of the garden at a time. It is important not to seed diseased potatoes because it will only contaminate your garden and your current potato crop. Oh I can taste barbequed potatoes already! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

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