Thursday, April 5, 2012

Getting Ready to garden!

Last week I picked up 4 bales of pine shavings, a bag of nincompoop, cocoa husks, peat moss, manure (a variety of chicken, horse and cow) and my husband ordered 6 round bales of slough hay. My organic horse manure is not cured yet so we have to turn the pile so that it heats up to kill the weed seeds. I'm not a big fan of peat moss due to the fact that it depleats the peat bogs and affects the environment. I'm looking for something to replace it all. I've also been asking people for their bags of leaves that they are sending to the dump from cleaning up this spring. I just bought a new composter that kind of looks like a sausage. I can easily throw out a gallon of veggie peelings a day from my kitchen and pick up a gallon of coffee grounds a week at work. Lots to compost! Out of all the stuff I bought, the cheapest was the pine shavings at $6 a bale. It's usually used for bedding for chickens and horses, but will be just perfect for what I want and need. It's a bit of a brain adjustment not to plant the garden in my soil. It has tons of weed seeds and the soil that I'll be building will/should not have any weed seeds which will be a bonus. I'm not convinced that growing potatoes in a barrel is the way to go...but we shall see.

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