Monday, April 2, 2012

Getting Ready to start seeding the garden!

My husband could not wait anymore, he had to start the tractor and go out to till the garden. Not all of my garden will be in raised beds. So he tilled the whole garden plot and already you could see tons of little white strings in the dirt....the weeds had felt the warmth of the sun and they got the cue to grow! He will wait another week and then he will rototill the garden a second time to get the second batch of weeds. This double tilling will calm the weeds down for a bit. Some gardeners seed their lettuce, radishes and spinach in the late fall so that the plants grow early in the Spring. Because I don't have raised beds just as yet, that would mean that if I did that, I'd have a bzillion weeds. So, once the garden has been tilled a second time, I will seed my Prizehead leaf lettuce, my radishes and my perpetual spinach and some swiss chard. The Prizehead leaf lettuce is a red tinged lettuce that has a wonderful taste. It grows really well and does not bolt immediately. I love washing up large bowls of this lettuce and adding salt and whip cream and tossing. Yum! This year, I'm trying a different variety of radishes, the Cherry Belles that always grew really well at the old farm, do not grow well in my new garden, go figure. So I found a new to me Heirloom variety called German Giant, that according to the package can grow to the size of baseballs and they don't get woody. Gotta try them! Perpetual spinach is a variety I tried last year. The leaves grow in the same manner as chard but they are spinach. These leaves are easy to wash up and they cook up deliciously! Lastly, Swiss Chard is an old stand by that grows all summer and into the late fall. We love our greens! Even though it's been a nice winter...I am soooo ready to garden!


  1. you give me hope of spring, I can feel it coming and think "YUM!" reading your post (except for the weeds part, lol!).

  2. Had to delay seeding as Mother Nature decided to send one last dump of snow! I'm with you though, I'm thinking YUM too when I think of fresh veggies....almost feels like you're steeling when you pick the fresh veggies!