Saturday, April 14, 2012

Natural Weed Control

I was surfing for inspiration when I came across a feature that discusses natural ways to kill weeds. The ingredients? Salt and vinegar. Being a farmer's daughter and wife, I was all too familiar with soil salinity and thought, that this mixture wasn't so "natural". I have bought some commercial preparations that had vinegar as a main ingredient and it worked relatively well to a degree, the tops of the weeds were killed but the roots were not, so they grew back. Upon doing further research, I found that others had similar experiences, the weeds grew back. The salt actually prevents anything from growing period. So yes, this may have been some grandmother's preparation that worked really well...but no, I'm not going to use it in my garden. Vinegar alone would be OK as long as the spray does not go onto your regular plants. Vinegar is indiscriminate and just kills all plants. I have a huge yard, I simply cannot mulch everything! Hot boiling water I know works wonders on weeds and again anything else it touches. My uncle actually has a torch hooked up to a long line that connects to a bbq gas tank. He says it works like a hot damn and is very easy to do. Again, it doesn't only kill weeds, but it's quick and doesn't harm the soil. Yup, I think I'm going to go with that one! Of course I still pick weeds by hand and put them into a garbage bag, tie it up and leave it in the hot sun for a good part of the summer to rot the seeds. Never ever put weeds in your compost! Old fashion tilling also kills the weeds because it exposes the roots to air and the roots don't like that. Lots of options for chemical free weed control, be it organic or not. I have to keep reminding everyone that just because it says organic doesn't mean it's safe! Happy weeding!  

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