Saturday, April 21, 2012

Plant roots and bulbs you buy in a bag

The first plants in the garden centers are usually the roots and bulbs shipped in wood shavings that come in a bag. I bought calla lilies in a bag and various other plants. I brought them home and stored them in a cool place in the garage so they wouldn't freeze. I like to plant these up in gallon plastic pots, in potting soil, to give them a head start if I'm transplanting them later. The roots that I will be keeping in the large planters, are planted at the same time. I find, that if I wait until the weather warms up, the roots and bulbs have dried up and died. So if I see them out, I buy them early and I plant them within a few weeks. When picking roots and bulbs, make sure they do not have mold on them. Also make sure that they haven't dried up and died before you even bring them home. If they've been frozen, they will be soft or mushy inside the root when you touch them.

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