Sunday, April 15, 2012

Seed shopping

When I go to the city, I can't help myself, I have to stop and look at all the seed displays! My husband, bless his soul, indulges me and smiles and even lovingly points out any new seed displays that I've missed. Yesterday was no different. So I picked up Oregano seeds that I did not have and Spearment and Stevia seeds! I'm going to be starting my herbs shortly in large pots in the greenhouse for the simple reason that those pesky black canola bugs love the herbs the best and devour them first! So I have to hurry to harvest before they arrive in my garden. Just as a side note, my beans have never had any pests whatsoever and last year I had these strange long black winged bugs eating the flowers. They got a shot of diatamaceous earth and that took care of them. So many new and strange bugs!

I also picked up my onion sets, 400 cute little onions to plant in about a week to ten days! The seed potatoes are just starting to show up in stores, have to get some of those too!

Anyhow, I love seeds and the plants I can grow from them! Never met a seed display I did not like!

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