Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Seeding the garden

I couldn't help it, I know it's the last week of April but it's so gorgeous out that I just have to seed some of the garden. I did check with the weather man and even though we are suppose to get rain and snow at the end of the week, I'm going to start. On Sunday, we put in potatoes, last night I seeded Prizehead leaf lettuce, it's a red tinged lettuce that just tastes sooooo good. I also put in everlasting spinach (a spinach that grows in large leaves and does not bolt and can be harvested longer than regular spinach) and German Giant radishes (these don't bolt either and grow large...according to the package). I still have to put my onion sets in ....I usually put in around 400 to last most of the winter. All these plants are frost resistant...except the potatoes which take about 3 weeks to come up anyways and if they get hit by frost, they recover. Scarlet Nantes carrots and peas are also on my list. Carrots take forever to come up and peas are also frost resistant. Seeding my garden can take weeks as I add plants according to the weather and of course according to the time I have to do the seeding after work. I also started my lilies, callas and cannas in pots last night. We are winter hardy Zone three and all these are listed as winter hardy Zone 7-9. So the plan is to plant them in pots and enjoy them all summer and then bring the pots into the garage that is just above freezing. That was the plan last year too, but I forgot to bring them in and we had an early killer frost. The plants I started indoors a month ago are coming along nicely and will be put out once all danger of frost has past. Having said that, it doesn't mean I won't try and cheat to start some seed in the ground for tender plants and hopefully the frost won't get them. I try every year and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

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