Monday, April 9, 2012

Seedlings off to a great start!

They've been sitting in a South window for about a week in full sun....still the little seedlings are reaching for the sun. Going to have to get the green house fixed so I can put a heater into it along with my young seedlings. Not all of my birdhouse gourds came up yet. The Swan gourds are leading the way. My tomatoes are show offs and are off to the races, nearly all of them have popped up out of the ground. The biodegradable pots that they've been started in will go directly into the ground of the garden when it's time. I'm really curious to see how well the pots will decompose. I am not a fan of peat pots, so I'm hoping I picked a good alternative. Being in a colder climate, we have to start long season plants to give them a head start in the garden. The whole reason behind these new biodegradable pots is to not disturb the root system of the seedlings so that there is less transplant shock. A lot of bedding plants, it really doesn't bother BUT seedlings like gourds, squash, cucumbers, watermelon and cantaloupe, it really affects the plant if the roots are disturbed, sometimes killing the little plant. Be careful not to keep the soil too moist as this encourages disease in the small seedlings. Once up, leave the top crust of the soil dry out a bit so it's not wet all the time. But water enough to keep the small plant healthy. By the way, I still lose some seedlings every year to over happens to everyone!

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