Thursday, April 12, 2012

Self watering set up and rain barrels

I'm trying to take the work out of watering my garden. I did buy a soaker hose that doesn't clog up even if it gets buried. At our old place, I had 5 gallon pails that had holes drilled into the bottom to water my roses slowly. It was easy, fill the 5 gallon pail of water and the pail did the rest. I do have a 1200 gallon tank that sits under an eaves-trough spout and that can easily be filled with one rain storm. I hooked up a garden hose to it and it slowly trickles out watering whatever I have that needs it. It's usually the strawberries. I really don't want to set up an irrigation system. The rain barrels I have set up at various other water spouts around the house work in the same manner as my big tank. My mom has sold her house and has given me her 500 gallon plastic tank from her place. That should help with the watering. I don't want to use the tap water on my garden as it's just too expensive. Mulch, as always saves a lot of evaporation and watering. The three rain barrels that I have around other eaves-troughs in front of my house, have certainly paid for themselves several times over. Water, seems to be such a commodity where I live. It's either feast or famine and when it's a feast, I gather as much as I can of it.

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