Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sitting on the deck...

We live in the country and we were sitting on the deck a few evenings ago. This is the third year, we can hear frogs at night. Lots of frogs not just an occasional frog. Why is this so amazing? Because we had not heard frogs in our area for a very long time. When I was a child, particularly after a large rainstorm, we could see and hear the frogs, they were everywhere. So that means, we must be doing something right, some of the animals are coming back. Could it be that there are more organic farmers in the area? There are. That same evening, we saw three monarch butterflies, had not seen those in several year either. This winter I watched a documentary on the disappearance of honey bees. They alluded that it's due to the new pesticides on the market. I only have to think of my missing frogs and monarchs.  If you go to, there is an article on the honey bees there, just search honey bees on that website. More and more if you check in the hardware stores and garden centers, there are organic fertilizers and organic ways of controlling insects on food crops. People are starting to come around. Safeway in Canada, has one of the best selections of organic vegetables that we've found. Every time you buy organic, you vote to change what grocery stores carry. If you decide to grow vegetables and fruit on your property, you vote to change the future of our planet. Gardening is easy if you follow just a few simple steps. Make sure your soil is rich in nutrients is the most important. Learn how to grow food to become part of the solution. If you live in an apartment, there are urban spaces available to grow vegetables to rent. Most importantly, money talks, vote with your hard earned dollar.

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