Sunday, May 13, 2012

Beautiful Mother's Day

The weather is t-shirt weather today and so we've been outside gardening. We'd already tilled the garden twice and did it one more time today as the weeds were thick like a carpet. So tonight and tomorrow, I'll be seeding garden. Usually up here, it's done during the May long weekend...but I checked the long range weather forecast and they're not announcing frost, so I'm going to take a chance. I won't be putting out bedding plants just as yet but by the time the beans, corn and other frost sensitive plants come up, I should be safe. I had a few Manitoba Maples in the middle of the garden so we pulled them out and will transplant them tonight where we've lost some of our Spruce trees when we were flooded a couple of years ago. I took my Dusin Mizer out for a test run and it works really well. The ticks are crazy this year, you cannot go outside without picking one up on your clothing. So I went out with my new machine and spread some diatamaceous earth on the grass between the house and the garden. Next the dogs were giving a treatment with the same stuff, as it's safe for humans and that should slow down the ticks taking up residence on the dogs. It just feels so good to be outside in the sun! All my herbs were seeded in pots this morning into organic soil that I bought by the bag at the hardware store. Last year, when the herbs were ready to harvest, the dreaded canola bugs moved in over night and cleaned them off just like that. I'm hoping that in pots, I may be able to protect them by covering the herbs with a very tight knit netting so I can actually harvest them. Taking a break for a bit and then I'm heading back out to the garden when it cools off in a bit. Have a great Mother's Day!
 Herb pots all seeded and watered.

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