Monday, May 14, 2012

Gardening in full swing

I'm trying something new with my garden. I decided I was going to do square foot gardening. So this row of onions is a foot wide.  There are actually 4 rows in this foot wide row. Egg shells have been spread out and the onions planted in the prepared bed. Then they were covered with about 1.5 inches of soil.The egg shells discourage the wire worms and provide  calcium for the onions. We continued to seed the peas, beans, squash, corn and beets. But then the wind picked up and we could not seed the small seeded veggies because the seed would just have blown away. Hopefully the wind will go down later this evening and I'll be able to seed the small seeded veggies. My Prizehead leaf lettuce and German giant radishes are both up and the Everlasting  spinach is starting to make an appearance. The potatoes are now just starting to show through the's time, they've been seeded for three weeks already!

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