Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Gathering Water

We take water conservation at our house pretty serious. This is a 1200 gallon water tank that can easily fill up from our eaves trough from the roof of our house in one rain storm. We also have two rain barrels in front of our house and my mom gave me another 250 gallon tank because she sold her house and is moving. Between mulch and our rainwater, it doesn't cost a whole lot to water the garden. If it happens that we run out, then we haul water from the river to water the trees. On the prairies, water is sometimes hard to come by. When we get the drying winds, it doesn't take long for the soil to dry up. So taking measures to stop evaporation just makes sense. Unfortunately, I've read on the internet, that there are areas that people are forbidden to save water from their roofs during a rain. It kind of leaves you scratching your head....

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