Thursday, May 10, 2012

Perennials coming through the mulch!

These perennials were planted two years ago in front of our house and mulched. The center plant is a bleeding heart, on the right is a perennial poppy (can't remember what color it is but I believe it's red) and on the left is a lily that is coming up. I originally bought them at a garden center when they were halfway through the season and the sale was pretty good. You can start perennials from seed but it is hard to do so. I prefer to buy smaller plants and let them get larger...I seem to lose less than if I'd planted the larger plants. Transplant shock seems to not affect the small plants as much as the larger ones. Every year, I am drawn back to the garden centers to see if they have new varieties that I want to add to my collection. The goal is to have a beautiful front yard filled with flowering perennials that don't have much space in between them once the plants become established and much larger. Our local garden center is visited quite frequently by me.

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