Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Planting bearded Iris plants

Today, I had to move a bunch of bearded iris plants that were just existing in the area I had planted them. They were next to the house on the South side and they weren't doing was too hot for them. By the time I had dug them up, I had enough to plant 5 new plots. The roots were nice and healthy.
First of all, I dug a shallow trench like hole. Iris plants hate being planted deeply. Then I placed the tubers in the hole loosely, not too close together. I filled in around the roots with moist soil and lightly packed the soil around the roots by hand. I made sure not to put too much soil on top. I'd say about an inch and a half to two inches should cover the roots but no more. Finally, I watered the plants in with about a gallon of water. Once established, Iris plants multiply via the root system as they are a tuber. When they become too crowded, then you can dig them up and either start new plots or share them with your neighbors or family. They flourish just about anywhere as long as they are planted in a shallow trench. They like being mulched. I have another plot on the South side of the house that is growing like gangbusters. You just never know how plants are going to grow in a like area. My recommendation would be not to plant them too close to the house...because of experience with mine. Then again, I may be totally wrong and your plants may grow like mad in a completely different location. That's how gardening goes!

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