Saturday, May 5, 2012

Potting Prairie Lilies

Even though I'd placed my packages of bulbs in a cool garage where they would not freeze, I could see mold on my bulbs. So I filled a pot that had held a fruit tree from the nursery last year, with potting soil. These prairie lilies will be transplanted later so I curled the roots around each bulb and planted them close together in the pot. It was still dipping down to below freezing at night so I brought my pots indoors overnight. In the past, I have lost bulbs, tubers and roots to mold, so I did not want to take any chances to lose the new bulbs I had picked up for this year's perennial garden. I covered the bulbs with about an inch of soil and watered them well. Whenever I purchase trees or plants or perennials from the green house, I always save the pots. The pots are either used to replant herbs or flowers to sit on the deck or the bottoms are cut off and they are used to protect new seedlings out in the garden.  This particular bag of bulbs came packed in wood shavings, they were put into the compost heap to rot and cook to create beautiful rich compost.

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