Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pretty yet functional veggie garden

Putting out bedding plants this early in the season, I always have to place recycled gallon containers that have the bottom cut out of them. These are containers from the green house that once had a perennial or a tree in it that I've already transplanted else where. Once I've finished using these, they stack nicely for storage over the winter. I also use the two gallon containers and cut off the bottom too. I leave these around tomatoes and celery until fall. I water these two particular plants a full gallon full every 4-5 days when it's really hot. Cabbages and other veggies, the cans are removed as they do not need them once the plants have hardened off.  This year, I am trying planting marigolds to see if their smell will deter those little black canola beetles that love my cruciferous plants. If nothing else, they will look pretty.

I always plant flowers in my veggie garden. These two clumps of tulips are right beside my strawberries. I so enjoy beautiful flowers. Growing up, we planted only veggies because we had to haul the water to the farm and it was too much work to haul water for pretty flowers. But now, I have large tanks to catch rainwater and I can spare a bit of water for my pretties.

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