Friday, May 18, 2012

Racing the Rain!

The last two evenings I've been out in the garden with my husband planting trees and more trees. We had to replace some Scotch Pines and bought some Blue Spruce at a really good deal at a garden center. So those have been planted. We had rose bushes to replace and I bought a second hydrangea for the South side of the house. My first one, was an experiment. It has survived three winters and every Spring it looks deader than a doornail and grows! They're suppose to be very difficult to grow in our area because they are not suppose to be that winter hardy. I love that hydrangeas flower most of the summer! So, I now planted plant number two! I also bought a second climbing rose. The first one, is a beautiful yellow and starts from the bottom every Spring. It only grows to about 2.5 feet high and does not climb but is beautiful in it's own right. The new one is a deep pink and I'm crossing my fingers that it grows! Of course all the roses I buy are winter hardy. At the last place we lived, my grandmother had beautiful yellow fragrant roses. We attempted to move them but not one of them survived, so disappointing! At the place before that, I had a variety of yellow roses that grew over six feet tall and that one too was too large to move with me and I haven't been able to find that particular plant ever again. I keep looking though for a fragrant yellow rose. It wasn't even a fancy rose, just one of those boxed roses that you get for a few dollars. Not all beautiful plants are expensive. I can still smell the scent in my brain of my grandmother's roses, it's funny how the brain remembers. It saddens me to have not been able to save any. 

I checked the weather reports and a lot of rain is on it's way, so I transplanted all my cabbage family plants (broccoli, late cabbage and purple cabbage), my peppers and celery. I had started some of these already in the house but for various reasons did not grow well...thank goodness for garden centres! They always smile when I leave because I always buy a ton! I still have a lot of plants in my window ready to go out but I could only plant so many last night. Thank goodness our eldest son came out to help and we got a lot more done because he came out! 

After this rain, the rhubarb is going to be soooo juicy and yummy! I feel a pie and cake will be on our table this weekend! Mmmmmm can taste it already!

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