Sunday, May 27, 2012

Researching planting a potato barrel

I grow wonderful potatoes in my soil and hill them. I've always been intrigued by the myth that you can grow potatoes in a barrel. I've seen all kinds of advertisements that say if you buy my barrel or planter or potato bag that you'll be able to grow lots of potatoes. So I posted on some gardening sites and asked my question, have you done this successfully? The replies are few and far between. So next I set off and did a search on growing potato barrels, got lots of info...but does it actually work? That is the million dollar question. So tonight I hit youtube. Lots of videos of people trying it in various different ways and only one followup of the harvest. It's actually been kind of a boring evening because there are plenty of long videos that just don't stick to the topic, lots of ahhhhs and ummmmms and not a whole lot of content. I'm still going to try the potato barrel, but I'm going to try it my way and yes, I will follow up with information if it actually worked. One video I watched had the potatoes growing in a box that was three feet high...only one potato....yikes! The potato bags didn't have very many potatoes at harvest either. One fellow, planted his potatoes in his garden and then put a large planter overtop and filled it with soil...his idea makes the most sense to me. He had lots of potatoes! The research continues....

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