Thursday, May 31, 2012

Rhubarb a plenty!

I have two kinds of rhubarb growing, one that has a lot more red and is sweeter than the plain Jane green one with a touch of pink. The red rhubarb has much smaller stalks while the green one has heavy stalks. I use both and both are good tasting, the green one just needs more sugar. When harvesting, remember to pull the stalks from the bottom...never cut the stalks!
Early this Spring I side dressed around the plants with well rotted manure and with all the rain that we've had, I have a crazy rhubarb crop this year! I can smell rhubarb jelly on the stove this weekend! And I'm going to try that bird bath that I provided a link for in an earlier post ... made with a rhubarb leaf. My birds will love that one!

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