Friday, May 25, 2012

Shopping Trip!

My favorite thing about Spring is shopping for new plants at various green houses! This is a trip we made about ten days ago. Most of these are replacements for plants and trees that never made it over the winter. We raced to transplant all of these plants before the rain. I find it lessens transplant shock. All of these plants were watered well and mulched after planting. Now we wait to see if they take. Of course I've  been to the green house twice more since this picture was taken. More perennials and more trees and more bedding plants were bought and now sitting on my deck waiting for the rain to stop and for the soil to dry up a bit before planting them in their new homes.  Waiting a bit later also gives some of my slower perennials time to come up and grow to show that they're still alive. Depending on where the plants are situated on what side of the house determines how quickly they come up. Of course the plants on the South side of the house are already up and running...but not all of them just yet. I still have a Buttermilk Daisy who has not made an appearance yet and I'm hoping I did not lose it. Because we live in the country, we have a corner of the house where it's really difficult to save many of the bushes and hardy trees that we've planted there as the wind whips around that corner on a regular basis. Sometimes it just takes time to find the right plant and surprisingly, they do not always grow best according to labelled directions. Often,  I feel like a plant scientist with amazing discoveries! I just don't have any papers to prove it! :-P

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