Monday, May 7, 2012

There's always one in the bunch....

Every year I have one fruit tree that decides to bloom before all the others. This year, it's one of my pear trees.
This one is my plum tree, it's being careful not to bloom too early.
This is one of my apple trees. It blooms in bunches but the buds have been this way for almost two weeks and the leaves have decided not to come out either. It's been a very cool spring and the fruit trees are just hanging on and not blooming, waiting for warmer weather. Unlike pine trees that wait for a rain to bud out, fruit trees wait for warm weather. Frozen blossoms mean no fruit, so most of my fruit trees are very smart...all except my pear tree. One of my favorite things to photograph are fruit tree blossoms. I sure hope we don't get any more frost!


  1. I love photographing my fruit blossoms as well. One of my favourite shots is one with a bee in it pollinating the flowers.

  2. With my new digi, I take a lot more photos! You should post that photo on your is creative! :-)