Sunday, May 27, 2012

Trimming Raspberries

On the 3rd year after the initial planting of raspberry canes, you'll have to do a clean up and trim the canes that are too old. First of all one has to wait until some of the leaves have come out to distinguish old cane from the new. The above photograph shows that the newer canes have leaves on them. The older canes can be white in color, have no growth or very little growth or have bark coming off of the canes. Those need to be cut off at the base and burned because if they are left in the patch, apparently they are suppose to promote disease. Parts of the canes that have died off due to winter kill will also have to be cut off and disposed of. Burn or send them to the the land fill. Do not put them in your compost bin. Do not use them as mulch. 
The after picture when the dead and damaged canes have been cut away at the base just above the soil. This clean up is done in early Spring when the raspberries are leafing out.

This year, so far, only a quarter of my row has been cleaned up due to the fact that we've had rain for almost two weeks. Too muddy to finish the job, but as soon as it drys up a bit, we'll be back in the patch to finish the trimming of dead wood. Now that the row is established, we will be cleaning up the raspberries on an annual basis. The new plants around the edges of the row that have shot up from the roots, can be dug up and shared with family and friends.

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