Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Brilliant Oriental Poppy

My sister in law had beautiful poppies growing in her yard and I fell in love with her flowers. Then I found some in the local green houses. I planted my poppy plants on the South and West sides of my house. Then I covered the soil with landscape fabric and topped that off with about 3 inches of bark mulch. My plants have been growing there now for two years. My peach colored poppies have been there for four years. Every year the plants get bigger and with more blooms. I do water them if we are short on rain. My poppies always bloom in June and I so enjoy their vibrant colors. I chose poppies because I live in Zone 3 and they are hardy to Zone 2. You can use them as cut flowers. They love the hot sun!


  1. Simply gorgeous. I'm so envious of you poppies. Enjoy them.

  2. My most beautiful ones haven't bloomed yet...they are a luscious pale pink that looks like crepe paper!