Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Not all beautiful flowers belong in the flower bed! Any gardener worth his salt will tell you that if you see chives flowering that the gardener didn't chop off the chives for use in cooking fast enough. Yeah, that would be me. I love a flowering chive! Such rich color! My clump of chives was given to me by my mom. She had a huge clump and just went with her shovel and took off a chunk for me. I planted and watered the chunk of chives and it has been growing almost unattended ever since. Hard to kill a chives plant when started. I will probably saw these off shortly and within a few weeks I'll have fresh chives again. I should really cut them off when they're young, wash them up and dehydrate them this time around. Organic dried chives are almost impossible to find in any store where I live. In the mean time, my pretty purple flowers are feeding my garden bees....

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