Sunday, June 24, 2012

Growing potatoes progress report

My Burbank Russet potatoes are a foot high in my potato barrel. Tonight, I will be adding a mixture of potting soil and wood shavings to cover about half of the plants leaving the top halves uncovered until they grow some more. There are 10 whole seed potatoes in my barrel and they are growing evenly and strong. I seeded the remainder of the bag of seed potatoes in the garden like I normally do. I want to see which way grows more potatoes...10 plants in a barrel or 10 plants seeded in my regular manner.

There are three rows of potatoes growing here....I guess I put two rows too close together. They are in flower and should have been hilled by now but we've had so much rain that we were unable to do so. Starting tonight, we will hill some of the potatoes and continue to do so until they are done. As you can see, they are starting to flower. Once the flowers are dried up, it takes three weeks before the potatoes can be picked. They are small at that stage, so we tend to steal just a couple from each plant to allow the potatoes to grow to a good size. Nothing tastes as good as a fresh potato!

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