Friday, June 29, 2012

Peak into my garden

Bought these red prairie lilies at Wally World last year. The plant had one stalk on it and was a bit on the ragged side. This year it came up beautifully with lots of blooms. This particular plant is in my front flower bed (mulched) on the South side of the house. I can't believe the change from a year ago. I'm really happy with my choice!

I grew up on this lettuce and continue to grow it every year. It's called Prizehead leaf lettuce and it tastes amazing. Of course growing up on the farm, this lettuce was served with farm fresh cream and a bit of salt. It grows well and once cut will grow back a couple of times. I have seeded more a couple of weeks later to keep us in lettuce for the summer. I'm about to put my third row in for the fall.

This is one of my cabbages that I bought from the local green house, it's a later season variety and I've added marigolds to the bed to help discourage the cabbage butterfly and the canola beetle. So far no signs of either! Knock on wood!

Here are my peas growing up to attach themselves to the twine that I've strung between two metal posts. Peas don't need a lot of moisture to flourish. I'm hoping by providing support that they will continue to grow up and continue flowering to the end of the season. We shall see if they do!
My potatoes are in flower. Once the flowers dry up, then three weeks later, I should be able to steal some new potatoes from the plants to eat fresh! Mmmmmm can taste them already!

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