Sunday, June 10, 2012

Snowbelle Mock Orange

I found this tiny plant at a garden center and was immediately intrigued by it's possibilities. I love the blooms on this new plant. The packaging says it's suppose to grow to four feet high and four feet wide, which of course would make me very happy! But I live in Saskatchewan and often times plant dimensions stated on the package never happen. It is planted on the South but partially East side of the house. It is protected from the wind and gets shade in the afternoon and as you can see, it is in a mulched area. Because I have dogs, new plants always have an ornament right beside them until they get larger so that they don't get trampled right off the top.  Not only the dogs don't see the new plants but often times we ourselves forget that we've planted them there or our visiting friends and relatives just fail to see them. So better safe than sorry! It will be interesting to see how big this plant grows over the summer and if it survives the harsh winters of Saskatchewan!

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