Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Taters are growin'

I went to check my potato barrels this morning and the spuds are already up! About a week it took. I find that these barrels, due to the store bought soil, dry out faster than my own soil. Not sure if I really like that to be honest. I also question what's in the soil. I do have my own manure, it's just not cured yet and I really want the seeds to have time to rot. I know my manure is rich because we feed our horses alfalfa mainly during the winter. Alfalfa is rich in minerals because the roots can go down to as much as twenty feet. I think the next layer, I will add some of my organic nutrient soil with the store bought soil and manure. I think that will make me feel better. I want my vegetables and fruit to have maximum nutrition if I'm going to go to all of this work!

My celery is coming along really well. I had started some celery plants but they were too small and would have done nothing. So I bought some nice big plants at the green house and placed the one gallon pots with the bottoms cut out around the plants. The celery really likes this. Tonight I took the hoe and took care of those small weeks quickly and easily. Celery requires a lot of water so that they are not woody. I give them a gallon of rain water every two nights and they really like that.

My tomatoes are also starting to take off also. I started all of my own because I wanted Heritage tomatoes, no hybrids. Like the celery, tomatoes love the gallon containers around them and I water them just like the celery only not quite as often. I'm also adding marigolds to help ward off the canola beetles. Let's face it, pretty flower but they stink and serve the purpose. I had transplanted all of my tomatoes and then remembered I forgot the crushed eggshell at the bottom of the holes. So I dug them all up and made sure they all had crushed egg shells in their holes, it's that important to me not to have blossom end rot due to a calcium deficiency.

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